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Semi Trailer Axle Boat Trailer Axles American Type Axle



Strong one-piece or welded axle head, exceeding the industry standard for hardness and tensile strength.Stable and reliable brake system with non-asbestos brake linings.
1. Products Name: Standard weight 340kgs 13T Trailer lift Axle
2. Axle Track: 1840mm
3.Axle Beam: Square 150mm/127mm Round 127mm
4. Product type:American,Germany and Europe type
5.Max.capacity you can choose:12T,13T,14T,15T,16T
7.Material: Steel
8.Products Capacity Available: 13T/14T/16T/18T/20T

Semi Trailer Axle Boat Trailer Axles American Type Axle

axle structural

Product Features:

High-strength steel construction: These axles are made of high-strength steel and are built to withstand the rigors of the road.
Durable finish: American Outboard Axles feature a durable finish to help protect them from corrosion and wear.
Range of sizes: These axles are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different boat weights and loads.
Easy adjustment: American Outboard Axles can be easily adjusted to provide the ideal brake force for your specific trailer.
Improved stability: The outboard design of these axles allows for a wider track width, which helps to improve stability while towing. This results in a smoother, more controlled ride.Overall, American Outboard Axles are a reliable and durable choice for boat trailers. They are designed to provide improved stability and support while towing, and are built to withstand the rigors of the road.

Why Choose Us:

We have been focusing on high-quality axle manufacturing for more than 20 years, and have adopted strict axle production processes, including quenching, straightening, sand blasting, high-frequency treatment of axle heads and precision machining. The vehicle axle has strong adaptability to the environment and has passed the strict limit performance test; The structure is more advanced, and the braking response speed and effect are improved; Strong bearing capacity of the axle ensures stable and efficient operation of the vehicle.