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Mongolia Use 20Tons 4L LPG storage tanker, 40000L to 59600L LPG tanker trailer, LPG tank truck, LPG filling truck, LPG skid station.  

3 axle LPG transport trailer 56000L LPG tank trailer for Nigeria

ton 5ton, 6ton 10ton,12ton,15ton,25ton,
5metic ton,5metric ton,10metric ton, 20metric ton, 30metric ton,
40metric ton,50metric ton,60metric ton, 70metric ton,80metric ton
kg 5000kg 6000kg 12000kg 
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20m3 lpg skid filling station,  lpg filling skid station, 
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 lpg skid-mounted filling station,lpg cylinder filling plant, 
lpg cylinde filling 
Volume cbm 5cbm 10cbm 15cbm 12cbm 20cbm 25cbm 30cbm 40cbm 
50cbm,60cbm 70cbm 80cbm 100cbm 120cbm
m3 5m3 10m3 12m3 15m3 20m3 25m3 30m3 40m3 50m3 60m3 
70m3 80m3 100m3 120m3
liters 5000liter 10000liter 12000liter 15000liter 20000liter 25000liter
30000liter 40000liter 50000liter 60000liter 70000liter 80000liter 

2 axle LPG tank semi trailer 40000L LPG tanker trailer 

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The technical parameters for 3 axle LPG transport trailer

Standard in China 
1  pressure vessels
2 GB/T19905-2005 Liquefied gas truck
3 Movable Pressure vessel safety technology and inspection procedures
Tanker Essential Information 
1 Dimensions(length*width*height)   12982*2500*3990(mm)
2 Estimated Tare Weight 16396KG
3 Payload 23604KG
4 Total Weight 40000KG
Shell Of Tanker
1 Products LPG , Propane 
2 Fluid property Flammable
3 Design temperature                            to 50ºC
4 Design pressure  1.61MPa
5 Corrosion allowance                   1.0mm
6 weld joint factor 1.0
7 Major materials of bearing pressure  Tanker body : Q345R , 12mm GB713
End plate : Q345R , 14mm GB713
Main Beam : AG700(Non-bearing pressure material)
8 Filling weight per volume  
9 Maximum filling weight         
10 Compartments ONE
11 Shape Round(elliptica)
1 Heat treatment Overall heat treatment in a furnace , 600ºC to 640ºC
2 Flaw detection 100% Flaw detection
3  Test PRESSURE 1.61MPa
4 hydraulic test 2.1MPa
5 Magnaflux Aim at welding place flaw detection can not cover
Manhole (As customer’s requirement ) (DN450)
1 Quantity 1 ; On top
Safety Valve (As customer’s requirement )
1 Quantity  One 
2 Location On the top of tanker ;
3 Size  A412F-25-22 DN100 or as custom requirement
LEVEL G UAG E(As customer’s requirement )  ZGM 2.47/2.5
1 Quantity and Model  
2 Location On bottom of tanker 
3 Size As customer’s requirement 
Valve and pipe Detail (As customer’s requirement )
Running System
1 Axles 3 13 TON CZPT Axles 1
2 Suspension system 1 FUWA leaf spring suspension 13*90*10
3 Wheel rim 12 9.0*22.5
4 Tyre 12 Brand : Triangle,12R22.5
5 Kingpin 1 3.5″,bolt on ,in rubbing plate,fabricated
6 Landing legs 2 JOST D200  single linkage, Gear type ,28T
Control System 
1 Emergency Cut-off Valves 4 Gas phase QGJ43F-25-8    
 liquid phase QGJ43F-25-7
2 Ball Valve  4 Gas phase Q41F-25P-9     
 liquid phase Q41F-25P-8  
3 operating mode  2 Mechanical
4  Liquid gauge  1 ZGM 2.47/2.5
5 Pressure indicating thermometers  2 WTQ-280 -40-80ºC   level 1.5
6 · pressure gage 2 YTN-100T   0-4MPa   level 1.6
Pneumatic Brake System
1 Spring brake chamber 6 FUWA
2 Air connector 2 FUWA
3 Relay Valve 1 A412F-25-22   DN100  1.72MPa
4 ABS   1 ABS
Electronical System
1 7-Pin Socket   1 24V 7-pin socket
2 LED Lamp 1 All kinds of lamp
3 Cable  1 Stander cable   
1 Small Tool box 1  
2 Wheel carrier 2  
3 Fire extinguisher 2 8kg  With red box
4 Cabinet 2  
5 Steel fender 6  
6 Static conductive belt 1 C shape
7 Impeller blasting 1 Completely
8 Paint 1 As customer requirements
1 Payment terms: 30%TT in advance,the balance should be paid before shipment.Or L/C at sight.(BY T/T or L/C)
2 Terms of delivery: in 40 days after the seller received 30% advance payment (try deliver the goods as soon as possible)
3 PORT:ZheJiang or HangZhou or ZheJiang
4 MOQ: one unit



Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of special truck and trailer as well as other special equipment.

LPG tank/LPG tanker is our most advantage key products which rank Top 5 in China, excellent engineers and high-grade production equipment as well as stricted quality control system can ensure all the tank from us run very well with 10-20 years use life.


Our main products:

1. Dump Truck / Tipper Truck/Side Tipper/End Tipper

2. Fire Fighting Truck / Fire Truck / Fire Vehicle / Fire Engine

3. Truck with crane / Truck mounted crane

4. LPG Tank Truck Trailer/Oil Tank Truck / Fuel Tanker Truck

5. Water truck / Water Tank Truck / Water Sprinkler Truck

6. Concrete Mixer Truck

7. Van truck / Insulated truck/ Refrigeration truck

8. Fecal suction truck / Sewage suction truck,

9. Cement Powder Tank truck/ Bulk cement truck

10. High-altitude operation truck,

11. Self-loading garbage truck, garbage compactor truck, sealed garbage truck,

12. Semi Trailer ( flat bed trailer / skeleton trailer / dump semi trailer / side wall trailer / low bed trailer / van container trailer / warehouse trailer, etc. )


We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory and provide your precious suggestion for us!

More information of our LPG tank trailer/LPG tanker trailer, please feel free to contact  Ms. Yuki Liu . We will customize the truck and trailer according to your requirement.

Ms. Yuki Liu

Sales Representative

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd
Factory: Chengli Automobile Industry Park,HangZhou, ZheJiang , China
Office: Room 3102, 7th Building, No. 299 Huaihai Road, HangZhou, China




Customised Truck & Trailer Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

After-sales Service: 24 Hours Online
Warranty: 12 Months
Load Capacity: 25T
Certification: ISO9001, CCC, ASME
Wheel Base: 7000-8000mm
Tread: 1820mm



Customized Request

trailer axle

Are there specific challenges or maintenance practices for boat trailer axles?

Boat trailer axles come with unique challenges and maintenance requirements due to their exposure to marine environments. Here are some specific considerations:

  • Corrosion: Exposure to saltwater can lead to accelerated corrosion. Regularly rinsing the axles, especially after launching, helps mitigate this issue. Additionally, choosing galvanized or aluminum axles provides better resistance to corrosion.
  • Bearing Maintenance: Boat trailer axles often require more frequent bearing inspections and maintenance due to water exposure. Greasing the bearings before and after each trip is essential to prevent water intrusion and prolong bearing life.
  • Seals and Gaskets: Ensure that seals and gaskets are in good condition to prevent water from entering the hubs. Replace them if they show signs of wear or damage.
  • Proper Storage: Storing the boat trailer properly, preferably in a dry, covered area, can significantly extend the life of the axles and other components.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodic inspections of the entire axle assembly, including brakes, hubs, and wiring, are crucial for early detection of issues that could lead to axle failure.
  • Tire Maintenance: Proper tire care is essential. Check tire pressure, tread wear, and sidewall damage regularly, as underwater loading can stress trailer tires.
  • Brake System Checks: Ensure that the brake system is functioning correctly, especially if the trailer has brakes. Saltwater exposure can affect brake components.
  • Electrical System: Check and protect the electrical components to prevent corrosion and ensure that trailer lights and brakes work reliably.
  • Spare Parts: Carrying spare parts such as bearings, seals, and a spare tire is a good practice, especially for longer trips where servicing might not be readily available.

Boat trailer axles demand diligence in maintenance to extend their lifespan and ensure safe and trouble-free trips. Prevention and early intervention are key to addressing the challenges posed by the marine environment.

trailer axle

What is the impact of trailer axle alignment on tire wear and performance?

Proper trailer axle alignment is crucial for tire wear and overall performance. Misaligned axles can lead to a range of issues:

1. Uneven Tire Wear:

– Axle misalignment can cause tires to wear unevenly. For example, excessive toe-in or toe-out (the angle of the tires relative to the trailer’s centerline) can lead to premature wear on the inner or outer edges of the tires. This not only reduces tire lifespan but also affects handling and safety.

2. Reduced Fuel Efficiency:

– Misaligned axles increase rolling resistance, which requires more energy to move the trailer. As a result, fuel efficiency can decrease, leading to higher operating costs.

3. Handling and Stability Issues:

– Axle misalignment can result in poor handling and reduced stability. Trailers may become more difficult to control, especially during braking and cornering, posing safety risks.

4. Overloading and Weight Distribution Problems:

– Misalignment can affect weight distribution. It may cause excessive weight on one axle, leading to overloading and potential legal issues. Balanced weight distribution is vital for safe and legal towing.

5. Axle Stress and Damage:

– Misalignment places additional stress on axles and suspension components. Over time, this stress can lead to component damage, potentially causing breakdowns and expensive repairs.

6. Trailer Drift:

– Misalignment can cause the trailer to drift or pull to one side, making it challenging to maintain a straight course, especially when driving at highway speeds.

7. Reduced Tire Lifespan:

– The combination of uneven tire wear, increased rolling resistance, and handling issues can significantly reduce the lifespan of trailer tires. This results in more frequent and costly tire replacements.

8. Safety Concerns:

– A misaligned trailer is less stable and more difficult to control, increasing the risk of accidents and compromising safety.

Alignment Solutions:

– To address axle misalignment, it’s essential to have the trailer inspected by a qualified technician. They can adjust the alignment by modifying the axle’s position and orientation. Precision alignment equipment is often used to ensure accuracy.

– Regular alignment checks and adjustments, as part of routine maintenance, can help prevent these issues and promote even tire wear and better performance.

– Properly aligned axles improve handling, safety, and tire longevity, making it a critical aspect of trailer maintenance.

trailer axle

What are the components of a trailer axle assembly and their functions?

A trailer axle assembly consists of several key components, each with specific functions:

1. Axle Beam:

– The axle beam is the central load-bearing component. It supports the trailer’s weight and distributes it to the wheels. The axle beam is the main structural element of the assembly.

2. Spindles:

– Spindles are the attachment points for the wheels. They connect the wheels to the axle beam, allowing them to rotate. Properly lubricated spindles ensure smooth wheel movement.

3. Hubs and Bearings:

– Hubs are the wheel-mounting components, and bearings allow the wheels to rotate freely. These components are crucial for reducing friction and maintaining wheel movement.

4. Brakes (Optional):

– Some trailer axles are equipped with brakes, including electric or hydraulic systems. Brakes help the trailer come to a controlled stop and enhance safety during towing.

5. Suspension System:

– The suspension system, which can be leaf springs, torsion axles, or air suspension, absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride and protecting the trailer’s cargo.

6. U-Bolts and Plates:

– U-bolts secure the axle assembly to the trailer’s frame using axle plates. They ensure proper alignment and stability of the axle assembly.

7. Mounting Hardware:

– Various nuts, bolts, and washers are used to secure components in the axle assembly, ensuring they remain in place during operation.

8. Axle Beam Brackets:

– These brackets provide additional support and structural integrity to the axle beam, helping distribute weight evenly and reduce stress on the axle.

9. Wiring and Connectors (Optional):

– If the axle assembly includes brakes, it may also have wiring and connectors for brake activation. These components allow the trailer’s braking system to communicate with the towing vehicle.

– In summary, the components of a trailer axle assembly work together to support the trailer’s weight, facilitate wheel movement, provide braking capabilities (if equipped), and ensure a smooth and stable ride. Proper maintenance of these components is essential for safe and reliable trailer operation.

China wholesaler Mongolia Use 20tons 40000liter LPG Trailer Q345r Q370r Q420r BPW Axles   axle and wheelsChina wholesaler Mongolia Use 20tons 40000liter LPG Trailer Q345r Q370r Q420r BPW Axles   axle and wheels
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