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Part No.: Weight Capacity  Hub to hub distance  Spring Center Distance  Beam Size  Bolt Pattern  Brake type Surface Finish  Easy Lube 
ASN-35.00.00 3500lbs Customized Customized Φ60mm 5-4.5″ No Black Painted Yes
ASE-35.00.00 3500lbs Customized Customized Φ60mm 5-4.5″ Electric Brake  Black Painted Yes
ASN-52.00.00 5200lbs Customized Customized Φ76mm 6-5.5″ No Black Painted Yes
ASE-52.00.00 5200lbs Customized Customized Φ76mm 6-5.5″ Electric Brake  Black Painted Yes
ASN-60.00.00 6000lbs Customized Customized Φ76mm 6-5.5″ No Black Painted Yes
ASE-60.00.00 6000lbs Customized Customized Φ76mm 6-5.5″ Electric Brake  Black Painted Yes
ASN-70.00.00 7000lbs Customized Customized Φ76mm 8-6.5″ No Black Painted Yes
ASE-70.00.00 7000lbs Customized Customized Φ76mm 8-6.5″ Electric Brake  Black Painted Yes



Features of a 3500lbs Spring Trailer Axle Kit

1. All the trailer axles and electric brakes are painted surface. 

2. The electric brakes in American market and Australia market are a little different.
    We supply bother American style and Australian style braked axles.

3. 3500lbs trailer axles kits without brakes are also available here.





HangZhou Haihui Vehicle Parts Co,. Ltd offers a full range of axles for trailers, succinctly including both spring and torsion axles with weight capacities ranging from 3500lbs to 7000lbs, all compliant with ISO 9001 standards.
Alongside our axles, we provide various brake options to suit your needs.
With advanced equipment and professional technical team,we can meet the unique requirements of our clients.
Based on the high quality material, our axles ensure durability and stability for reliable and safe trailer journeys in different applications.




Our Commitment to Efficiency and Quality:

1. Tailored Pallet Design: We customize pallets based on axle length and weight capacity,
    maximizing container space to reduce sea freight costs.

2. Careful Packaging: We take special care to protect delicate items,
    ensuring that the axles you receive are in top condition upon arrival.

3. Pre-Assembly Option: Springs can be assembled CZPT the axles before shipping,
    saving you valuable time and labor costs.


HangZhou HaiHui Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.


Our company is a professional trailer parts manufacturer in China.
We have been committed to manufacturing trailer parts since 2002.

Our main products are trailer axles, trailer fenders, trailer jacks and boat trailer parts. We do many customized products as well.
Our products exported to Canada, USA, Europe and Australia markets.Supplying a wide ranges of trailer parts, we are 1 of companies that has the most complete trailer parts range.


There are advanced equipment such as laser cutting machine,
robot welding machines, CNC lathes and CNC bending machines in the factory.
We have professional and strict QC team to ensure our products quality.

We provide perfect after-sales service and at least a one-year warranty for our products.
Cooperate with us you will never need to worry about after-sales problems.
Choosing us will be a choice without regret.


1. In the trailer markets for more than decades, and have professional technical and manufacturing team.

2. We can produce various kinds of axles including CZPT axles, and spring axles with different kinds of brakes.  

3. Accept customized and OEM products. We can produce based on your unique requirement.

4. Perfect after-sales service and at least 1 year warranty for our products.

5. Customize the package according to each customer to save freight.

1) Do you have a factory?
“Yes, we have our own factory and engineers. We can meet customers’ unique requirements.”

2) Do you provide samples? Are they free of charge?
“Samples can be provided for client inspection and approval. While regular samples may involve a fee, this fee can potentially be refunded upon placing an order..”

3) Can you manufacture parts according to our size?
“Depending on tooling, we can support you in achieving your specified size requirements for items.”

4) What are your payment terms?
“Normally for bulk orders, T/T and L/C are acceptable. For samples, PayPal/Western Union can be used.”

5) How long is your delivery time?
“Normally, delivery takes 25 working days. During CZPT times, it may take up to 35 working days.”




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Condition: New
Axle Number: 1
Application: Trailer
Certification: ISO
Material: Steel
Type: Rear Axles

US$ 80/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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trailer axle

Are there specific challenges or maintenance practices for boat trailer axles?

Boat trailer axles come with unique challenges and maintenance requirements due to their exposure to marine environments. Here are some specific considerations:

  • Corrosion: Exposure to saltwater can lead to accelerated corrosion. Regularly rinsing the axles, especially after launching, helps mitigate this issue. Additionally, choosing galvanized or aluminum axles provides better resistance to corrosion.
  • Bearing Maintenance: Boat trailer axles often require more frequent bearing inspections and maintenance due to water exposure. Greasing the bearings before and after each trip is essential to prevent water intrusion and prolong bearing life.
  • Seals and Gaskets: Ensure that seals and gaskets are in good condition to prevent water from entering the hubs. Replace them if they show signs of wear or damage.
  • Proper Storage: Storing the boat trailer properly, preferably in a dry, covered area, can significantly extend the life of the axles and other components.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodic inspections of the entire axle assembly, including brakes, hubs, and wiring, are crucial for early detection of issues that could lead to axle failure.
  • Tire Maintenance: Proper tire care is essential. Check tire pressure, tread wear, and sidewall damage regularly, as underwater loading can stress trailer tires.
  • Brake System Checks: Ensure that the brake system is functioning correctly, especially if the trailer has brakes. Saltwater exposure can affect brake components.
  • Electrical System: Check and protect the electrical components to prevent corrosion and ensure that trailer lights and brakes work reliably.
  • Spare Parts: Carrying spare parts such as bearings, seals, and a spare tire is a good practice, especially for longer trips where servicing might not be readily available.

Boat trailer axles demand diligence in maintenance to extend their lifespan and ensure safe and trouble-free trips. Prevention and early intervention are key to addressing the challenges posed by the marine environment.

trailer axle

Can trailer axles be used in both recreational and commercial trailers?

Yes, trailer axles are versatile and can be used in both recreational and commercial trailers, but the choice of axle specifications and configurations may vary based on the trailer’s intended use:

Recreational Trailers:

1. Utility Trailers: Trailer axles are commonly used in utility trailers designed for personal use. These trailers may be used for transporting ATVs, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and other recreational items. Single or tandem axles are typical choices, depending on the load capacity needed.

2. Boat Trailers: Recreational boat trailers use trailer axles, usually with features like galvanized coatings to resist corrosion in marine environments. Tandem axles or multiple axles may be used to support the weight of larger boats.

3. Camper Trailers: Travel trailers and camper trailers employ trailer axles. These may range from smaller pop-up campers to larger RVs, each with axles suitable for their size and weight requirements.

4. Horse Trailers: Trailers for transporting horses typically use trailer axles with features designed for animal comfort and safety. Axle configurations depend on the number of horses and the trailer’s size.

Commercial Trailers:

1. Cargo Trailers: Commercial cargo trailers use trailer axles to transport goods. These trailers come in various sizes and axle configurations, from single axles for smaller cargo trailers to tandem or multi-axle setups for larger enclosed trailers.

2. Flatbed Trailers: Flatbed trailers for commercial use utilize trailer axles to transport oversized or heavy loads. Axle configurations and load capacities are designed to meet the demands of industrial applications.

3. Dump Trailers: Trailers used for dumping materials, such as construction debris or agricultural products, use trailer axles. These axles are often equipped with heavy-duty features to handle the rigors of frequent dumping.

4. Refrigerated Trailers: Refrigerated or reefer trailers used for transporting temperature-sensitive goods are equipped with trailer axles suitable for the weight and requirements of refrigeration systems.

5. Specialty Trailers: Various specialty trailers, such as car haulers, concession trailers, and equipment trailers, also rely on trailer axles tailored to their specific purposes.

In summary, trailer axles are adaptable and can serve in both recreational and commercial trailer applications. However, it’s essential to select the right axle type, configuration, and specifications to match the trailer’s intended use, load capacity, and environmental conditions.

trailer axle

How does the placement of trailer axles affect weight distribution and towing?

The placement of trailer axles plays a crucial role in weight distribution and towing characteristics. There are two primary axle configurations: single axle and tandem axle, each with distinct effects:

1. Single Axle Trailers:

– Single axle trailers have only one axle positioned toward the rear of the trailer. This configuration is common in smaller utility and light-duty trailers.

– Weight Distribution: With a single axle, more of the trailer’s weight is concentrated toward the rear. This can lead to inadequate weight distribution and make the trailer prone to swaying or fishtailing during towing.

– Towing Characteristics: Single axle trailers are generally easier to maneuver and tow, making them suitable for smaller loads and shorter trips. However, they may lack stability with heavier loads.

2. Tandem Axle Trailers:

– Tandem axle trailers feature two axles placed closer together, typically with one in front of the other. This design is commonly found in larger trailers and offers several advantages.

– Weight Distribution: Tandem axles distribute the trailer’s weight more evenly. This improves stability and reduces the risk of swaying. The weight is better balanced between the axles, leading to improved control during towing.

– Towing Characteristics: Tandem axle trailers are more stable and capable of handling heavier loads. They are less prone to sway, making them suitable for long-distance hauling and larger cargo.

– Additional Features: Tandem axle trailers may have braking systems, which further enhance safety and control during towing, especially when towing heavier loads.

– Considerations: It’s important to note that the placement of axles within a trailer also affects the tongue weight (the downward force on the hitch). Proper tongue weight is essential for safe towing, and it can be adjusted by positioning the cargo within the trailer.

– Ultimately, the choice between single and tandem axles depends on the trailer’s intended use and the weight of the cargo. Tandem axle trailers are preferred for heavier loads and long-distance towing, while single axle trailers are suitable for smaller, lighter loads and shorter trips. Proper weight distribution and adherence to safety guidelines are critical for safe and stable towing.

China Custom High-Strength Material Trailer Axle Kit 3500lbs Spring Trailer Axle   broken axle on carChina Custom High-Strength Material Trailer Axle Kit 3500lbs Spring Trailer Axle   broken axle on car
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